Encounter Scents is dedicated to providing you with an assortment of fragrances designed to work efficiently in all of life's special moments. We exist to take the guesswork out of which fragrance profiles pair best with which occasions and purposes. Encounter Scents is committed to serving everyone who has a passion for smelling good and wants to stand out among the crowd. While distribution takes place in the United States, Encounter Scents is a global brand where operations start overseas and shipping occurs on a worldwide basis. With affordable creations that are designed to be inclusive of any budget, we know you will fall in love with our original and high-quality fragrances. Let's smell great together no matter what we encounter!

Encounter Scents is the olfactory aid for optimizing your essence depending on purpose, setting, and occasion. Encounter Scents takes the guesswork out of selecting the best fragrance for each opportunity so you can focus on smelling good while enjoying all of life's special moments. As a subdivision of Dua Fragrances, Encounter Scents has relationships with premier factories around the world in order to utilize the highest quality raw materials for its original creations. Since 2015, Dua Fragrances has excelled at setting numerous trends in the industry and is now expanding its horizons by applying this industry-leading knowledge gained towards a brand new and most exciting collection of fragrances! The Dua Brand now proudly fills the gap for high quality and optimally performing fragrances without the designer price tag. Encounter Scents takes everything the brand has learned throughout the years and applies it towards creating 100% unique and original fragrances that have undergone rigorous quality control measures, stability tests, and proof-of-concept protocols. Under the creative direction and leadership of Mahsam Raza, a collection of exceptional fragrances are brought to the market to accompany you no matter what you encounter! From Confidence for Him to Romantic for Her, our wide range of olfactory creations is sure to include your next favorite fragrance! Whether you're on a romantic night out or just looking for a boost of confidence to get you through your day, let our fragrances speak for themselves and do the job that they were intended to do. The name of each Encounter Scents fragrance was carefully chosen after successfully completing a series of trials and proof-of-concept experiments. Additionally, our strategic relationships with laboratories and chemists in Europe have made it possible for us to make the fragrances at Encounter Scents possible for under $1.00 per milliliter. Our close relationships with laboratories in Europe have also granted us access to the most exquisite and expensive, natural raw materials, which include captive molecules that contribute to the unique and inimitable smell of our fragrances! The end result is fragrances that were carefully and deliberately engineered with the end goal in mind. What will you encounter?

Owner and CEO, Mahsam Raza, was trained in Dubai and eventually brought his skill set and passion back home to the United States. As the brains behind Dua Fragrances, Mahsam Raza tested his hand at releasing a collection of original and high-quality fragrances fit for any occasion. His years of experience working in the fragrance industry have allowed him to serve thousands of loyal clients under The Dua Brand. Mahsam Raza's skillful mixing and handcrafting exemplify his dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The raw materials of which Encounter Scents compositions are comprised are harvested and curated from around the world and are then processed in Europe under the careful supervision of IFRA certified chemists before their final transport to the United States. Mahsam Raza and the entire team at Encounter Scents are dedicated to ensuring the best fragrance experience possible, and we thank you for allowing us to satisfy all of your fragrant needs.


Email Support: Support@Encounterscents.com

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, from 9AM until 5PM Pacific. Please allow 2 business days for order processing.

Order Modification Policy: Once your order is placed, it cannot be modified even if your order has not shipped yet, there is a process of over a dozen steps of fulfillment before each package is shipped. Please review your cart and/or contact us through our support email Support@encounterscents.com with any questions before finalizing your order to avoid any issues, indecision, or confusion. Thank you.

Return Policy: Encounter Scents, like most all fragrance companies and distributors, does not accept refunds or exchanges. This is due to the fact that once a fragrance is shipped to a customer, we can not guarantee that it has not been used or tampered with, therefore, it can not be resold by Encounter Scents. If a fragrance you purchased just happens to not be your style or to your liking, we suggest reselling it on platforms such as Facebook fragrance groups where there is a market for such resales.

International Shipping Liability Disclaimer: Encounter Scents gladly provides worldwide shipping, however, all international shipments are at the liability of the buyer. We take all appropriate steps to ensure your package reaches you safely, and we've had great success doing so, but there are variables such as international customs, VAT, and any other taxes or expenses, that are out of the control of Encounter Scents and the responsibility of the buyer. Thank you so much for your interest in Encounter Scents!